The second annual WALK FOR JUSTICE FOR MURDER VICTIMS which has spread National and International, held on September 8th in the United Kingdom and 9th in Calgary and the Greater Toronto Area, was a huge success. The turnout and support was overwhelming! Awesome! The weather perfect! *

Six Families and friends walked for a LOVED ONE who was brutally murdered (a total count of 73 people).

We had excellent Media coverage: CTV, GLOBAL TV, CityTV, Calgary Sun, Calgary Herald, City Light News, Radio CBC, California 103 FM, News 660, CHQR 770 and the corus...

A BIG THANK YOU for all your support to those who walked and also a BIG THANK YOU to all the NEWS media who did an awesome job in covering this event.

*You can read about the Walk for Justice in Toronto Ontario and in the United Kingdom under the proper heading*

If you have been affected by Homicide and would like to take part in the WALK FOR JUSTICE 2008, please contact Steffi.

Murdered son remembered


POSTED AT 5:48 PM, Saturday, September 1

A mother’s demand for justice has sparked a national following.

Four years ago, Aaron Shoulders was murdered outside a nightclub.

The murder, which happened on September 1st, remains unsolved.

Shoulders’ mother, Steffi Stehwien, says frustration and anger urged her to take action.

In 2006, she created the first Walk for Justice to honour her son and others who have been murdered.
“We’re walking to honour our loved ones, our children, because everyone else forgets about them,” says Stehwien.

One hundred people took part in the inaugural walk in Calgary.

This year, on September 9th, people will also take part in a Walk for Justice in Toronto.

The Calgary walk will begin at the former NYLA nightclub, in the 1200 Block of 1st Street S.W., and end at the Court of Queen’s Bench in the 600 Block of 4th Street S.W.

Walk for Justice


Posted at Sunday, September 9, 2007 4:07 PM

Calgarians with family and friends who've been murdered gathered on Sunday to Walk for Justice.

More than 50 people took part in the walk to the new courthouse.

They’re trying to raise public awareness about what they say is inadequate penalties for people who kill.

Steffi Stehwien's son Aaron Shoulders was beaten and stabbed to death after being swarmed in 2003.

So far no one's been charged with his murder.

She's organized the walk and is frustrated another family is watching their son cling to life after a similar swarming incident in Strathcona last Monday morning.

The Walk for Justice began at 12th Avenue and 1st Street S.W. because that's where Aaron was swarmed in 2003.

A moment of silence was recognized when they reached the courthouse and then the names of murdered loved ones were read aloud.

Donna Eaton's daughter brook was stabbed to death seven years ago.

Her killer is up for parole next year.

“We shouldn't be tortured all over again. Life should mean life. No eligibility for parole for 25 years for first or second degree murder and you shouldn't have to fight to get that type of conviction and you do because of the overloaded system,” said Eaton.

Grief therapist Brian Pickering says it's important for these victims to come together at an event like this to support each other.

“Families can feel very isolated, very alone, but you're not in this alone and there's support and you do a walk and get a sense of meaning. I think it's a very important part of the healing process as you move forward in your grief,” said Pickering.

The walk began last year and has turned into an international event with walks in the United Kingdom and in other parts of Canada.

September 2007
Volume 14, Issue 9


Three mothers who lost their sons in brutal attacks have joined together with other parents and families of murder victims to take a stand for justice.

Steffi Stehwien founded the Walk for Justice for Murder Victims in 2006 after her son, Aaron Shoulders was murdered. On August 17, 2003, Aaron was beaten and stabbed by 12 Asian gang members while outside of a Calgary nightclub. He died on September 1, 2003 after a painful struggle in the hospital. To date, his killers remain free and his case unsolved.

Barbara Dunne, whose son Robert was stabbed to death with a samurai sword in 2003 joined forces with Steffi Stehwien to take the walk to the United Kingdom.

Moonie Ali lost her son in a brutal beating in 2003 and will be leading her Walk for Justice in the Greater Toronto Area.

Stehwien’s walk in Calgary took place on September 9, 2007, with other families who have lost relatives in similar circumstances. Beginning outside the nightclub where her son was attacked, the walk continued to the Calgary Court Centre for a moment of silence for victims and returned to the nightclub where balloons were launched in the victim’s memory.

The aim of the Walk for Justice is to raise awareness in honour of murdered loved ones, to cry out against lenient sentencing, to protest rising violence, and to give a voice back to the families of murder victims, who are often too defeated with grief to fight back right away.

Stehwien is also working to highlight the danger of knives and to have them recognized as deadly as guns. Dr. Andy Kirkpatrick, Aaron Shoulders surgeon stated, “A knife can be every bit as deadly as a gun or a bomb, and I have seen too much evidence to prove that. The only reason I see for carrying a knife in the city is to kill, and I believe society has the right to protect itself against such behavior.”

The CRCVC supports Stehwien and other families in their efforts to achieve justice, raise
awareness and prevent similar tragedies.


Contact: Steffi Stewien, Founder & Organizer  Tel: 403-293-0815


"Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends." John 15:13

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