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After Aaron's Funeral I went into hiding for 6 month. In May 2004 I started my Fight for Justice. I had very little cooperation with Police, the investigation was going nowhere. There were over 200 witnesses and none would cooperate. By September Aaron's case had gone cold and detectives had been removed from the case. Police was no longer working on my son's case. Police told me to befriend the press, keep Aaron's story alive and continue to plea with witnesses to come forward with info.

I met with city, provincial and federal politicians for help, all they had to say is "where are all the other victims families"; just to be told they could only help if I had many other victims families with me. Aaron's story was in the press about 3 to 4 times a year.... the gang violence in Calgary continued to escalate... gang members were getting away with murder and living FREE!!

By researching and following all murder cases in my province as well as around the country, I learned there was NO real JUSTICE in Canada and our legal system was a "joke"! By making contact with all organizations in Canada for victims of murder or violent crimes, I soon learned there was NO help either. Soon I realized I had to fight this Fight by myself. Frustration, anger and rage urged me to take action.

My vision for the Walk for Justice for Murder Victims was born out of the LOVE for my only son, my frustration anger and rage of his brutal murder, NO one arrested, NO one convicted and NO justice for my beloved Aaron. My Son hated violence and told his friends when he got out of hospital, he would fight against and the violence in Calgary... instead he died! This is "Aaron's Walk for Justice" I am his voice and I am fighting his Fight!

Even though it was difficult making contact with families of murder victims (due to the privacy act) I persevered and founded and organized my first Walk for Justice for Murder Victims in September 2006.

We walked on September 10th @ 2 PM here in Calgary, Alberta. having no idea how many families would come. It was a huge success, 7 families & friends walked, about 100 people. We had awesome News coverage, four TV stations covered the event and 2 newspapers as well as 3 radio stations. I told the press I will take the Walk for Justice national and international.

Barbara Dunne in the United Kingdom contacted me through my web site; she hosted the first Aaron Shoulders Walk for Justice in the UK, taking it "International" on November 18th 2006. Her son Robert was brutally stabbed to death in 2003. Three regions hosted a “Walk for Justice” in the UK in September 2007... all lost their loved ones to violence/homicide.

The AARON SHOULDERS WALK FOR JUSTICE INTERNATIONAL is held annually in September nationally and international.




"Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends." John 15:13

Aaron's Story