Justice Walk founder crosses Atlantic 2008

At the end of January 2008 I flew to the United Kingdom to meet Barbara Dunne, who took my Walk for Justice across the Atlantic and made it International in 2006. This was our first meeting after two years communicating by email and phone.

I stayed with Barbara in her home, she has become a dear friend an awesome support for me
and was a brilliant hostess.

My two weeks in the UK were extremely busy with TV, Radio and News Paper interviews. A wonderful warm "Welcome" was held for me in the Middlesbrough Town Hall on January 25th, where I met with MP Ashok Kumar, Councilors, Head of Crime, Justice Workers, Victims of Homicide and Supporters of the Walk for Justice. It was overwhelming and awesome!

The following week I met "one on one" with Street Wardens (they are present on the streets in crime infested neighborhoods, control anti-social-behavior, gangs, and aid police,), Victims Assistance, Victims Liaison and the Head of Crime.

It is difficult for me to express my feelings on what I learned... I am still in shock how different thing are done in the UK in comparison to here in Canada. Homicide is taken very serious by politicians and police. Victims and their families have much support and are listened to. Police work very closely with Victims and their families.

Police and politicians work together for true change. In my meeting with Mark Braithwaite Head of Crime, I learned he heads over half a million people. When I asked how many homicide detectives he had, his reply was 21... I also asked him how many cold-cases he had, he told me "none"!!! Police officers in the UK do NOT carry guns either!!

Calgary has one million people, 6 homicide detectives and far more than 30 cold-cases (unsolved cases)!!! As you can see there is much, we, as a city, province and country, can learn from the United Kingdom.

Please view the TV-news-clip, photos and news paper articles below and sign the guestbook. Thank you!

From Left:
Councilor Shamal Biswas, Chair of Middlesbrough Council Steve Blounde, Councilor Julia Roston Executive for Social Care Janice Brunton, WALK FOR JUSTICE Founder Steffi Stehwien, Head of Crime Mark Braithwate, Community Police Officer (worked in 'gang culture') Sean Craggs

From Left:
Victims Liaison Beverly Aldus, Ann Ming (fought 17 years to have the 'Double Jeopardy Law overturned', Steffi Stehwien, Victim Mary Coil

From Right:
Councilor Peter Pervus, Supporter Ron-Carter-Bonsteel, Steffi Stehwien, Domestic Violence Karen, Victim Kay Boil, Community Police Sean Craggs,
Behind: Supporter Viv-Carter-Bonsteel, Victim John Cloughlan

From Left:
Ann Ming (fought 17 years for Justice for her daughter, had the 'Double Jeopardy Law overturned') Head of Crime Mark Braithwaite, Steffi Stehwien Founder and Organizer of the WALK FOR JUSTICE FOR MURDER VICTIMS INTERNATIONAL


Barbara Dunne for her wonderful hospitality, warm friendship,
awesome support and hard work;

John McPartland, Janice Brunton, Ashok Kumar MP, Mark Braithwaite,
all councilors for your "Warm Welcome to Middlesbrough"
and your incredible support in our fight for "JUSTICE"

ALL who took time out of your busy schedules to meet with me "one on one"
and openly shared important information with me.

The Town of Middlesbrough to ALL who support my
"Walk for Justice for Murder Victims International"

To the Evening Gazette Newspaper, Northern Echo Newspaper, Radio and ITV tyne-tees News for doing a great job covering my meeting with Barbara Dunne and my Reception held in the Middlesbrough Town Hall.


"Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends." John 15:13

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