Sleep does not come easily
With thoughts of missing you
My days are spent denying
What it is I've lived on through

Grief continues on each day
Within my broken heart
Questions race within my mind
of why we are apart

There is no getting over it
No magic pill to take
Living with this nightmare
I so wish were a mistake

I won't be getting better
as so many have proclaimed
I pretend my life is different...
as if I'm playing some strange game

I want to scream from rooftops
That I hurt within my soul
Losing my sweet child
left me playing some new role

I can't pretend forever
hide these tears that wish to flow
This deep internal sadness
Has continued to just grow

I've begged I've prayed, I've pleaded
That this pain would somehow cease
That I could find some hope in life
A little bit of peace

But since the day I lost you
I just drift through all my days
With deep sorrow,...deep emotion
That will greet my everyday

In loving memory of Joey and his heavenly buddies

By Lyndie Sorenson © 2008


"Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends." John 15:13

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