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Still Unsolved
published in The Calgary Sun on July 9, 2013

The "N" Word...Are we in Denial?
published in the July issue of "Voices" / F.A.C.T Magazine (2010)

Don't be fooled by drop in city hate crimes, officer says
published in Metro Calgary on June 15, 2010

Police-reported hate crimes
published on Statistics Canada on June 14, 2010

Hate crimes increase in Canada, StatsCan reports
published in The National Post on June 14, 2010

Coming soon to a suburb near you — Mexico's drug cartels: Is Canada next?
published on Macleans.ca on June 7, 2010

Gang Violence in Canada Linked to Mexico Drug Wars
published on April 15, 2010

Attempt by gang to infiltrate police is no surprise, says Chief Hanson
Published in the Calgary Herald on March 31, 2010

Murder and the "F" Word
published in the January issue of "Voices" / F.A.C.T Magazine (2010)

When Killers Remain "FREE"
published in the December issue of "Voices" / F.A.C.T Magazine (2009)

Our Canadian Hug-a-Thug, Catch-and-Release system
published in the September issue of "Voices" / F.A.C.T Magazine (2009)

Knives, Canada's "weapon of choice"
published in the October issue of "Voices" / F.A.C.T Magazine (2009)

Calgary mom seeks justice six years after son's death — August 17, 2009

The mother of Calgary murder victim Aaron Shoulders was at the Alberta Legislature

20 bars join program to improve patron safety — April 29, 2009

"Does anybody have a conscience anymore?" asks grieving mom — April 29, 2009

The below comes six years too late for my son, Aaron Shoulders, who was brutally murdered by gang members at a former nightclub in 2003

Police seek to ban gangsters from bars — April 22, 2009

Calgary Sun News: Grieving moms fight for justice — March 1, 2009

Eight Years of Bloodshed (Calgary Sun series)

Calgary Sun News: Hanson voes to reclaim city – December 7, 2008

Letter to the Mayor/Premier/MLAs/MPs/Alderman — September 28, 2008

Letter to Prime Minister Harper/Justice Ministers — September 28, 2008

Calgary Sun News: Apathy is letting criminals walk away

Calgary Sun News: No relief from grief when life sentences are cut short — August 13, 2008

Calgary Herald: Mother furious over slience in son's killing — August 16, 2008

Calgary Sun News: It's time for bleeding hearts to step aside and the justice system to show some guts or police will be handcuffed by gang problem — July 23, 2008

Calgary Sun: Innocent bystanders at risk — July 23, 2008

Calgary Sun: Homicide Unit Gets Boost — May 18, 2008

Calgary Herald: No Shortage of People Saw Aaron Shoulders Attacked — April 15, 2008

Calgary Sun: Ed accepts almost every recommendation from the crime task force. But true success will be measured in safer streets and unhappy crooks – November 7, 2007

Calgary Sun: Tough love approach to crime unveiled –
November 7, 2007

Calgary Herald: Lowering the boom' on crime – November 7, 2007

Calgary Herald: More of nation's youth accused in homicides – October 18, 2007

Calgary Herald: Stop letting the rights of the accused take precedence – October 18, 2007

Throne Speech: Harper unveils revamped bill to battle crime – October 17, 2007

Calgary Sun News: Angel claims crime crisis – September 10, 2007

City Light News: Walk for Justice inspired by unsolved crime – September, 2007

Calgary Sun: Still no justice four years after son killed – August 19, 2007

Calgary Herald: Mother anguished that son's killer remains free – August 18, 2007

The Mirror: Murder victim's mother saddened by number of slain youth - July 31, 2007

Alberta steps in against bar brawls - June 18, 2007

Anti-brawl campaign called ineffective - June 16, 2007

Justice on Killers String - April 7, 2007

Killers Get Clean Slate - February 15, 2007

Letters of Support - January 15, 2007

Calgary Herald Article - August 17, 2006

Calgary Herald Drinking Laws - August 17, 2006

Calgary Sun Article July 23, 2006

CTV Television News Story - Aaron's 21st Birthday

Letter to Provincial and Federal Representatives and Their Responses- May 9, 2006

Audio Interview - Steffi on The Mike Macyntire Show

Nyla Nightclub Licence Suspended

NO JUSTICE for my Son Aaron

Bill C-393 - Minimum Sentencing for Knife Crimes

Calgary Sun Article - July 25, 2005



City Light News Article - November 2004

Message to Mothers

Thanks for Support


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