Message to Mothers
Tuesday, November 16, 2004

To the Mothers who have lost their Sons to Violence ( Knife ):

My son Aaron Shoulders , who just graduated from High School and just turned 18, was brutally attacked by 12 Asians, beaten and stabbed to death on August 17th, 2003 in front of NYLA’S Nightclub. He did nothing wrong, he only tried to stop a fight and protect his friends. His killer(s) are still free, roaming the streets of Calgary. No JUSTICE has been served, many witnesses are not talking and no one is paying for this senseless horrific crime.

Any Mother who has gone through this experience needs support to cope. I feel we all need each other, and need to come together and fight to change our Laws and help bring the Murderers to justice. It is my plea for all of you to join me in my " FIGHT for JUSTICE " ENOUGH is ENOUGH.... no others should have to die like my Son did. We have to fight against knife-violence.

To the Mothers who have teenage Sons :

Since 1991 I have watched and listened to the horrific News of young men being stabbed to death in Calgary. I have shed many tears and felt heart-wrenching pain, because I am a Mother and I had a young Son, as I saw and heard the stories. However I had never imagined that my worst nightmare would ever come true. Now, since my own Son was brutally murdered with a knife, I do not want any Mother to ever have to live through this kind of pain and nightmare. It is my plea to all the Mothers who have Sons to join us and support us... with all of the knife violence and murders in Calgary and all of Canada, it could be your Son next... God forbid !!! We need your HELP, and so do your SONS!

As you read through this site I ask those that have been effected by violence or know someone who has been effected by violence, and all those who want to help, I am also asking for Pastors and Teachers to help.... please email me... we need your "voice" to HELP FIGHT THE VIOLENCE.....



"Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends." John 15:13

Aaron's Story