The WALK FOR JUSTICE FOR MURDER VICTIMS has gone international.

Here is all the coverage from Middlesbrough, England for the "WALK FOR JUSTICE FOR MURDER VICTIMS"

It was held November 18th 2006 Barbara Dunne will hold it every year. The next WALK FOR JUSTICE will be September 9, 2007 both in Calgary and England.

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Local News

Nov 15 2006
Simon Haworth, Evening Gazette

Barbara Dunne (Left) of Whinney banks and Joan McTigue

A campaigning mother is uniting the relatives of murder victims in a 'Walk for Justice' against violence in society.

Barbara Dunne has organised the walk to take place in Middlesbrough on Saturday.

Barbara, a tireless campaigner against violence since her son Robert was murdered in 2003, was inspired to hold the event by a Canadian mother whose son was also stabbed to death. Barbara will be joined by Ann Ming, the mother of murdered Julie Hogg, who this year won an incredible fight to bring her daughter's killer to justice.

Barbara said: "The Walk for Justice will show that the victims are all walking together. We will be making a stance because justice hasn't been done.

"The Government needs to realise that we are not here for them, the Government is here for us.

"We are making a stand against soft sentences."

And Barbara said that the walk will also be a symbolic act against violence in general.

She said: "Society has to take a stand against escalating violence. The walk is about murder victims and getting justice for them but it's also saying we want an end to violence in society. We are going to try to do it every year."

Barbara was inspired to do the walk by a woman called Steffi Stehwien from Calgary in Canada who she discovered on the internet.

In 2003 Steffi's son Aaron Shoulders was stabbed outside a nightclub, aged 18. His killer was never caught.

Steffi held a Walk for Justice this year which attracted hundreds of supporters and was covered extensively in the Canadian media.

Steffi told the Gazette: "I feel honoured, pleased, encouraged and excited to have inspired a mother in another country, who is living the same nightmare as myself.

"I am excited to know the first international Walk for Justice For Murder Victims will be held in Middlesbrough.

"My heartfelt thanks to Barbara Dunne for all her support and for becoming a part of my vision in our fight for justice."

Barbara. who is being helped by local councillor Joan McTigue said: "Steffi is the person who gave me inspiration for this."

* The Walk for Justice starts outside the Albert Park gates in Middlesbrough at noon on Saturday and will go to Teesside Crown Court. All are welcome to attend.


Families on march for justice

Nov 20 2006
Audrey Forbes, Evening Gazette

TTE Training

Families united by grief for murdered loved ones came together in a Walk for Justice.

Dozens of relatives joined forces in a stand against soft sentences in a society filled with increasing violence.

Barbara Dunne organised Saturday's walk and hopes others will take place across the country in the future.

She began her crusade after her son Robert was murdered in 2003 and was inspired to hold the event by a Canadian mother, whose son was also stabbed to death.

Barbara told the Gazette: "The achievement of today is the simple fact we are showing a presence and making a stand.

"It's saying something when people have to make a stand and hold up posters saying 'life should mean life' - we want justice for someone who was murdered. But this is what we have to do.

"The sentences are not sentences. They are giving people eight years for murder. They have taken someone's life away, yet they are out to carry on their lives."

She believes this is just the start for the annual walk.

"This will go on each year and I hope in other parts of the country. I've rushed this one through for the victims to let them know they are not alone. When there is someone there for them it gives them hope that we can speak together."

Ann Ming, the mother of murdered Julie Hogg, who this year won an incredible fight to bring her daughter's killer to justice, was among the relatives of murder victims to make a stand.

She said: "I wanted to offer Barbara support because I know what it feels like when you're campaigning. You feel 'is anyone listening'?

"I hope the Government listens and balances the scales even further in favour of the victim's family. At the moment the families feel they are not quite balanced."

Other families included Ron Phillips, the father of Maria Jones, who was stabbed 96 times by her husband, Cleveland Police officer Ivor Jones at their home in 2004.

"He got eight years which is ridiculous. We are here today to highlight the fact that victims are kicked in the teeth."



Here are some of Barbara Dunne's emails, as well as the email from Simon Haworth, Crime Reporter from the Evening Gazette... leading up to the WALK FOR JUSTICE in the UK.
----- Original Message -----
Sent: Saturday, November 04, 2006 4:42 PM
Subject: your site

Hello Steffi, I came across your site whilst doing a search, I clicked on it and read your story. 

My name is Barbara Dunne I live in the UK my son was murdered in 2003 he also was stabbed.   So I do understand what you are going through its a living hell, I empathize with all that you have endured, and heart felt condolences.

I wanted to say that knife crime is all over the world its very much in the media in UK,so is the justice system, people are calling for new laws.

I set up a campaign called mothers against knives, as in to ban weapons that serve no legitimate purpose in society we know it wont rid all knives but it will make them less readily available.  The campaign has been successful ive been asked by the government for suggestions and comments on what to add to the already banned list.  I was wondering if there was anything like that in Canada? and what is been done to combat this knife culture. 

Also I would like to ask you could I put your link on my web site so others can read the injustice and know its a world wide issue,.

My web site is mainly my story from when it happened in 2003 and press clippings. I started the site in 2003 just after my sons death, a lot is a bit disjointed because I was still in shock for 2 and a half years.

However it did help me get a lot of my thoughts and feelings to surface by writing on the web site.

The site started off as a dedication for my son, then as my campaign progressed I added my fight on some pages, its linked to my other site which is the mothers against knives site.

I would like to add, reading what happened to Aaron upset me very much and  made me angry too that people can get away with this violence, and I was horrified that they had not found the killer. It seems that no one has any consideration for the victims family I have witnessed that here.



I support to the full what you are doing, and I will be prepared to do such a walk here for victims, as yourself been the founder of the walk, but obviously it would have to be organized by myself.

Its just early thoughts at the moment,I would have to contact the victims, it would go in the press and so would your name.

I will have a word with the person who has helped me with my campaign, she has contacts.

Would you agree to me holding a walk for justice here?

Oh and just to say on the 18th I will be walking for Aaron too, he will be in my mind as well as my own son,people are sick of all the violence, with no proper sentences,we are making a stand.

Hugs Barb.


Steffi, the walk for justice for murder victims is taking place at 12 noon on the 18th of November in my town.I arranged this yesterday, ive spoken to our press today and told him the story and I gave him your site, ive told him even though ive organized it, that you are the person who made the walk for victims happen, I asked him if he would be doing some press coverage on you and he said yes, he found your site and told me he will be mailing you for your comments he is using the mail addy on your site to contact you.Please do send me the graphics for the banner and ribbon, I'm not that clever but I will do my best to get them the same.Barb


Dear Steffi,

My name is Simon Haworth and I am a reporter for the Evening Gazette
newspaper based in Middlesbrough, England.

I believe Barbara Dunne may have let you know that I was going to contact
you. I will be writing a report for our newspaper regarding the planned
'Walk for Justice' event that Barbara is due to hold next Saturday in
Middlesbrough. We will also be covering the event itself.

Barbara has described how she was inspired to organise the event by
yourself.  I have seen on your website the terrible circumstances of your
son's death. With your permission I would like to include in my report the
story of your son's life and how you came to orgainse the Walk for Justice
as a result.

Would it be possible for you to write me a few words for my report about
how you feel having inspired Barbara to organise the event? I would be most

Thank you for taking time to read my e-mail and I look forward to hearing
from you.

Kind regards

Simon Haworth
Crime Reporter
Evening Gazette
Direct line: 01642 234287
Fax: 01642 232014
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Here are some pictures from the walk:


"Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends." John 15:13

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