Grief - Holiday season and “special” days throughout the year

It is my ______ Christmas without my _________ and I have all I can do coping with the "spirit of the holiday" on radio, TV, in the newspapers and stores. I do not feel joyous and trying to pretend that this Christmas is going to be like the last Christmas with _______, it will be impossible because we are missing one.

Our family traditions will be too painful for me to continue this year, like it was last year. Please understand this and maybe some Christmas in the future we will have these traditions again.

Please allow me to talk about my child, if I feel a need. Do not be uncomfortable with my tears. My heart is breaking and the tears are a way of letting out my sadness.

I plan to do something special in memory of my child. Please recognize my need to do this in order to keep our memories alive. My fear is not that I will forget, but that you will.

Please do not criticize me if I do something that you do not think is normal. I am a different person now and it may take a long time before this different person reaches an acceptance of my child’s death.

As I survive the stages of grief, I will need your patience and support, especially during these holiday times and the "special" days throughout the year.

Thank you for not expecting too much from me this holiday season.


"Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends." John 15:13

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