This poem was dedicated to me by my precious friend Tammy who was by my side through this horrific tragedy... a true friend... she was and is always there to pray... to listen... to do what needs to be done... to allow me to cry... to weep... to feel the overwhelming pain that I have to live with until I leave this earth... she understands that my heart is broken... and total healing will only come when I will be reunited with my Aaron in Heaven...


Steffi, there will never be a day that you will not mourn

As you think back to that special day that Aaron, your son was born

Your beautiful precious little boy that God gave you that day

Would smile at your face and become your sunshine and ray


His cute little face would light up the room, as you would walk in

Thanking God for your child, then your day could finally begin

Each moment a joy as he began to grow, learn and play

You'd look at his precious dimples on his face that were there to stay


Such a smart and cute child so many would say

With all of his costumes from the hero's of today

Superman being his favorite one of all

Standing with his arms crossed looking so tall


He grew up to be a young man of great honor and respect

Wanting only the best for you, never a sign of neglect

He remembered all that you taught him throughout all the days

The meals, the love, the laundry, the clothes, nothing that really pays


But because you were his mom, one that he was so proud of

He reached for you to help him find Salvation through God above

Your love for God always so very dear, made it easy to bring him to our Lord

As he prayed and hung on for dear life as he was wounded by the ugly sword


Aaron your son, so brave to lay down his life for another young lad

Reminding us of God's only Son and the life that Jesus had

Two innocent men who die at the hands of the evil one

Thankfully, now having Life eternally with Jesus, God's only son


Too young to leave this earth, you'll never quite understand why

But the thing we know is that his memory will never truly die

The life he lead, the tender heart, the kindness of his very soul

The message he left for all of us, to meet him in heaven, this was his goal


Such a fine young man did you such raise, oh he did never lack

You loved him with the bestest love, separate and different from the pack

So today we vow to love the Lord and to do our very best

And leave all things in God's faithful hands and trust Him to do the rest



"Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends." John 15:13

Aaron's Story