Memories of You, My Sonshine
Wednesday, August 17, 2005

I remember the early part of summer 2003 and the day we proudly celebrated your awesome achievement ... your “Graduation”. A special Day, my heart was filled with joy, watching you walk the stage ... looking so fine and proud. All the years of struggle ... the horrible years of BULLYING and racism ... your pain, tears and disbelief, how others can be so cruel and full of hate ... you could have easily turned to hatred and violence, but your heart remained tender and you despised “VIOLENCE”.

I remember your struggle with academics ... the tutoring and drilling at home ... my heart was heavy watching you nearly give up ... losing interest in school ... it was so hard for you, still, you wanted to succeed and graduate. I knew you talents and your dreams, I knew you could do it. So together we struggled and fought and pushed ... together! You did not fit in ... you felt like a failure ... I prayed and loved you and always told you “you can do it”. I understood your pain and struggle ... your “heart” so BIG and full of love ... always reaching out to the friendless, those who had challenges, physically or otherwise. You touched so many hearts in your short life.

Finally you found your place at Jack James High School ... I watched you “bloom” you found your strengths and gifts ... The “Gym” became you favorite place and bodybuilding became your passion.

You loved welding and worked hard ... it paid off. Your future looked bright.
I prayed that you would have a good life full of LOVE and success, but most of all a life with GOD ... your heart so tender and full of compassion. You reached out to many, even the night of your attack you tried to protect those around you ... and for that someone murdered you ...

You left a Legacy and a Message “STOP THE VIOLENCE and GIVE YOUR LIFE TO GOD”!

Life will never be the same without you here by my side ... my heart was torn from me and shattered two years ago ...

I love you my “SONshine” I still need you!!!! Missing you Aaron ...



"Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends." John 15:13

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