Memories from Aaron's Friends


In 18 years he was to have wheels,

But in just two weeks GOD gave him wings!

....on behalf of all of Aaron's friends. When Aaron passed we lost a part of ourselves, but we gained precious life long Memories... Aaron made an impact on our lives...

The thing that I loved the most about Aaron was his dedication to everything he set his mind to. My mom and I are going to miss him so much.


Forever engraved in my heart are the boyish grins, the twinkle in his eye and the sound of his giggle. That brought out the "true" Aaron Shoulders.


Aaron was easy going and fun loving... his warm personality made it easy to love him...

Aaron I loved your dimples and bright smile. Your our Angel. Your good soul made you shine. We love you, we miss you!

- Raidah-

From Elementary to Junior High to High School to Grad... the years went by day by day, minute by minute, and as I speak our friendship grows even stronger. I'll be here down below... sleep tight Aaron, until we meet again at the crossroads.


Always loved, even though you have passed on, we will miss you until all of our days are gone. We know you have gone up above to sit and enjoy the view, while all of us stare up at you. We know you are not in pain, although us down here couldn't say the same. Our love for you will never die, even though you passed into the heavenly sky, remember you are always loved.


Aaron always taught me about life, and to never take it for granted. Aaron made me become a better Mother. I will never forget his beautiful face.


You are a friend, a son, a brother, an uncle, an inspiration. We see and feel your warm embrace, what each of us would do to take your place. We know you'll never leave our sight... it's time to see your star shine bright. We love you.


Whether you wanted to hang around and have some fun, or needed a shoulder to cry on, Aaron was always willing to share those moments and do anything in his power to make the good or bad things better. The memories we have shared will be cherished forever in our hearts. I love you Aaron, someday we will meet again.


Aaron was a protector while he lived, protector until the end. Aaron is now our Guardian Angel. Our ONE true HERO, our family, our friend.


Aaron was always willing to lend a helping hand, whenever you needed him, he was there. I love you... you may not be here but your memories are everywhere.


I never thought this would happen to a great friend. Now that you are gone, my heart will never be the same. Even though your not here, your soul is still with us. I'll miss you, I love you BIG brother.


Aaron, you always taught me to look at life in a positive way, and although I now find myself wondering what you would think about my day, how you would have made it so much easier to get through... your kind words and your golden heart is all anyone could ever wish for. Now your gone and I am so lost without you... help be my guiding light... help me get through these restless nights.

Aaron I want you to know that I search for words that just might be good enough, but they're not perfect and that is what you deserve "PERFECT".

We all love you and will miss you so incredibly much as we continue on with our daily plans... we will soon come to realize that you are DANCIN' in your Mansion and your singin' when your grinin'... and you are walkin' those streets of gold and soon we will greet you at the end of the road.

Higher than the sky, wider than the ocean... that's how much I love you Aaron.

- Jayme-

Aaron was a Protector, Aaron was a Gentleman and now he is OUR Guarding Angel. Spreading his wings as we stand beneath him.

Aaron was my protector, that is how I met him. He was a HERO to everyone who knew him. I wish that I had the time to get to know him more. He always had a smile on his face, always polite and so much more........


May God keep you safe and warm. I will always remember what you did for me, and I will always remember you... Love always


Aaron waz so much more than a friend to me, he waz my brother, he was by my side when things were rough and when things got smooth.

The things I will never forget about Aaron is the passion he had for hittin those weights. I have never seen anyone wit that kind of determination before. He would always get me in the weight room doing so many squats I thought my legs were going to fall off, because he always wanted to see me succeed in my dream of playing pro basketball. He said if I ever make it BIG, not forget about a brother, haha... I would always laugh when he said that, that's my boy, man.

..."I will never forget when me and you would dance in my basement doin da c-walk".

..."I will never forget when you would come to my basketball games and then we would go get some food and talk about life".

Aaron you were truly a gift from God, every body that got to know you would agree wit me, you were kind to people, who other people wouldn't think twice about. You are all of our guardian angel and we will never forget about you man. You were my best friend and always will be, you will live on... in all of our heart's


- Jordan-

Out of all the words in the world, there is not "one" to say what kind of a guy Aaron was. There is not a heart as BIG as yours...

All I can do now is, to remember the good times we had and still have... you are in my heart and always will be...

love you...


The new year started on a sad note with the death of Aaron Shoulders. We wish to express our deepest sympathy from all of us to Aaron's mom, Steffi, and her family. He was an asset to the school community and will be greatly missed by all who knew him.

It began with the tragedy of Aaron Shoulders passing away. Tremendous concern and support was shown by Jack James' students. We continue to live Aaron's wish to STOP THE VIOLENCE. A great welcome dance was held in October that also honored Aaron Shoulders.

Bill Bobenic
December 2003

Wow, Aaron... words can’t express how much I miss him. I’ve known Aaron since we were little kids, but I didn’t really know him more than a kid. I got to play with him every once in a while. He waz at my parents Christmas party a couple years back, and I got a chance to talk to him and stuff, but nothin more then just your typical conversation. Then in the summer of ’03 our families started doing more things together, like going to movies and hangin out an stuff.

Steffi and Aaron have always been a part of our family, and will continue to be. But when Aaron passed away, this world lost a great blessing. I have never met someone with such a love for people. His actions were and are contagious, and because of him, I’ve learned to be more accepting and loving to people that are different than me.

To Steffi, I could not be more sorry 4 what happened, and if I had the choice to go back in time, I would have taken his place in a heartbeat. I love you sooo much, and you have been so helpful to me in regards to dealing wit things involving my own mother. I am so grateful 4 the love you’ve shown me in midst of all the pain you are going thru. If I could call anyone Superwoman, Steffi, it would be you.

Secondly, to all of Aaron’s friends. When he waz in the hospital, he and I had LOTS of time to talk. He told me how much he cared about you all, and that he wanted me to meet you and get to know you. But the most important thing he made me promise him was, that I would help him show God’s love and forgiveness and help you all to have a strong relationship wit Jesus Christ. And I don’t plan on lettin him down.

Again, I want to thank Steffi 4 starting up this web site to honor Aaron’s memory. "He’s liftin weights wit JESUS now! = D"

Peace and God Bless.




"Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends." John 15:13

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